Monday, April 20, 2009

Dinner tonight

mmm it was good!

Black eyed peas with green beans over rice, dandelion greens and fried dandelion flowers. Here's how it's done. Cook BEP's according to the directions on the bag. I like to do mine in the crock pot. Start them in the morning when I leave, they are ready when I get home. Easy Peasy. I dont season them at all while cooking. Then, I mix in some frozen green beans and simmer until it;s all done.

Next, the greens. I recommend collecting them from a pet-free yard. Also, be sure it;s a yard that does not get a fertilizers and pesticides. yuck! Ok, collect them, careful not to get too much grass. Greens are good, grass is not. Dandelion greens reduce signifigantly while cooking, so dont skimp on the picking. Once you have a LOT, wash them well. and loosely chop them. Add them to a big pot of salted boiling water. I like to add a clove or 2 of chopped garlic. Dandelion greens have the sharp flavor of mustard or turnip greens, but the delicate texture of spinach. The boiling and garlic helps to cut the sharpness. Another trick is to sprinkle them with a bit of vinegar, whatever kind you like. Boil the greens for about 5 minutes. Drain and enjoy.

Last, the dandelion flowers. Choose flowers that a large and completely open. Get a lot of them, these things are yummy! Take only the flower heads, no stems. Again, collect from a yard free of pee and poo. Once you've collected your desired amount, wash them off well in cold water. and let them dry a while on paper towels. then make your batter. I made mine with white four and soy milk. Just put about a cup or so of flour in a bowl and start mixing in soy milk until i have a very thick but smooth batter. I like to add salt and pepper to the batter too. now start adding your flowers. get them nice and goopy and drop them one at a time into hot oil. Fry for a minute or 2 on each side. You'll know when they are done. These taste a bit like fried brocoli, but with a slight pollen aftertaste. But not in a bad way, I swear! We love these, kiddos gobble them up and ask for more. enjoy!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rose City Rollers Craft Show Application

Skating with Scissors Craft Bazaar

2009 Vendor Application

This the first juried arts & crafts retail show for the Rose City Rollers. We are looking for artists & crafters who create handmade, original work. All media are welcome. The event is to be held in the Oaks Park Hangar in Sellwood.

Vendors are required to bring everything that is needed for set up & display. Crafters may share space, but must apply together & both be accepted. Art organizations & collectives are welcome to apply, but must apply as a group.

Location: Oaks Park Hanger at Oaks Amusement Park in Sellwood.

Date: Saturday, Sept. 19th 10AM - 7 PM

Fee: 10x10 - 75$

10x5 - 45$

WIFI - 10$

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Must be in our hands by end of business
day on May 15th 2009

**All applicants will be notified of acceptance by June 1st 2009

Payment due date: June 30th 2009


Please include the URL of your website or Etsy page in the application. If
you do not have a website, you may send 3-5 digital images to Please type “images for RCR show” in subject line of

For more information, or questions, please contact: Skatie Kat ( 503-995-8280) or Stormy Monday (

Please fill in the following information & mail to:

Skating with Scissors Craft Bazaar

3201 E. McLoughlin Blvd.

Vancouver Wa. 98661

or send by email to

Company: ______________________________________________

Contact Name: ___________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City: _______________________ State:_______ Zip:____________

Phone #: __________________ Email: _______________________

URL: ____________________________________________________

Description of items to be sold: _____________________________

Please Check One:

___ I will be sending 3-5 digital images to

___ I have included my URL, please visit my website to view images

If sharing a booth please fill in 2nd Applicant’s name & info below:

Company: _____________________________________________

Contact Name: __________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

City: _______________________ State:_______ Zip:____________

Phone #: __________________ Email: _______________________

URL: __________________________________________________

Please Check One:

___ I will be sending 3-5 digital images to

___ I have included my URL, please visit my website to view images

Booth Size Please Check One:

____ 10x10 - 75$

____ 10x5 - 45$

____ WIFI - 10$


It is agreed that the vendor expressly releases the Rose City Rollers and Oaks Amusement Park from and agrees to indemnify the foregoing against all claims for any and all loss, damage, or injury, including but not limited to attorneys fees and all cost. I agree to abide by the regulations set forth above and assume complete responsibility for installing and handling my exhibit. Signature_____________________________________________________

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Featured on Must Have Monday

Must Have Monday

Great stuff for spring! Including my blue rose earrings.

MotoKitty - A place to buy my stuff

I now have my work available in MotoKitty on Division and 11th in Portland. Drop in and tell Cari I sent you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Facebook - I take it back

You really are better than MySpace. I'm not sure what the problem was when we first met, but I love you now. Sure we still have some issues to work out. I think all of your quizes are silly and look as though they were written buy an illiterate 12 year old, but I can look past that. Since we've become close, I've reconnected with old boyfriends and my very best friend from college. Thank you FaceBook. I promise not to speak poorly of you again. And anyone reading this (all 2 of you!) can add my by going here: facebook and searching for Mona Kate.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Team Picture

This was taken by one of the Rose City Rollers league fotogs, Angel Priest. I think it is perfect!

my team :)

Songs I'm currently obsessed with!