Thursday, November 6, 2008

hair today gone tomorrow

a few weeks ago I made a stop into Fairly Honest Bills shop at the corner of Grand and NE Couch. Bill was going through a big pile of vintage suit cases. I asked him what was inside them and he said he did not know. He siad he wanted to sell them as is, unopened. of course, me being the curious cat I am, I had to know what was inside. I bought 2 of the cases for 12$ each. I brought them home and popped them open. Case #1 contained some great stuff! Photos from the 80's, craft supplies and even some vintage clothes. I was quite pleased. Case #2 clearly had something glass inside. I popped it open and discovered 6 LARGE empty bottles of Kahlua. Ugh! What a dud! We'll not completely. I did find a few copies of the Oregonian from the early 80's. The picture on the cover of one made it all worth it!

EAT @ 3808 N. Williams

Lunch today @ EAT Oyster Bar on North Williams. It was pretty good. Not spectacular. The decor was nice, a mix of modern and vintage tables and chairs, tiled bars and heavy wood shelves. It did have a New Orleans quality to it. We met the owner, Tobias. He was very nice and made us some sweet iced tea even though it was not yet on the menu. After a few minutes, it was clear that they had only been open for a few days. I was beyond disappointed to see there was only 1 vegan choice on the menu (fried okra). The okra was over-fried so that the batter was fried off. The vegetarian choice was a french fry po-boy. Tobias said they were popular in New Orleans. Honestly I had never seen or heard of them before today. I really can't imagine that most vegetarians would want to eat french fries on their sandwich instead of next to it. Carb overload!

I'm by no means an oyster po-boy expert, but I was born and raised in New Orleans and have eaten hundreds of them in my life. EAT's sandwich was just ok. It was not authentic. It was dressed with a spicy mayo, tomato slices and chopped cabbage. A real oyster po-boy is only dressed with mayo and shreaded iceberg lettuce. I understand that might not appeal to Portlanders though. I will certainly try EAT again, but Im going to give it a few months before I do, let them get the menu worked out. My grade for EAT B-

wednesday night scrimages

Most wednesday nights, I get to enjoy one of my favorite things, roller derby! The "hanger" at Oaks Park in Sellwood is the practice home of the Rose City Rollers. Wednesday nights are the weekly practice scrimages. These are open to anyone to watch from the bleachers. It's a great chance to see some derby for free.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting Tattooed

Michael and I went to Blackbird tattoo on Killingsworth today. He had an appointment to get a latin phrase (life is short, art is long) tattooed on his wrists. We decided to go in a bit early and see if I could get something too. they were happy to oblige and I got 2 cute little stars on the backs of my arms. Each one took about 10 minutes, they are only about 1 inch each. I made sure to get them high enough that my elbow pads wouldnt cover them when I sk8 ;) I think I will get a few more clustered around those on each arm.