Thursday, November 6, 2008

hair today gone tomorrow

a few weeks ago I made a stop into Fairly Honest Bills shop at the corner of Grand and NE Couch. Bill was going through a big pile of vintage suit cases. I asked him what was inside them and he said he did not know. He siad he wanted to sell them as is, unopened. of course, me being the curious cat I am, I had to know what was inside. I bought 2 of the cases for 12$ each. I brought them home and popped them open. Case #1 contained some great stuff! Photos from the 80's, craft supplies and even some vintage clothes. I was quite pleased. Case #2 clearly had something glass inside. I popped it open and discovered 6 LARGE empty bottles of Kahlua. Ugh! What a dud! We'll not completely. I did find a few copies of the Oregonian from the early 80's. The picture on the cover of one made it all worth it!

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