Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dear Facebook - I hate you!

So i wanted to follow some blogs that looked interesting. I finally figured out that they are somehow facebook related. In order for me to follow these blogs, I need to create a facebook acct. No big deal right? facebook is just like myspace, right? UGH! Not the case! I tried to sign up, I really did. but facebook doesn't like my name apparently. And once I did get signed up, by claiming to be a celebrity, facebook would not let me add any friends! I seriously dont get it and have had similar wonky experiences with trying to use it in the past. Why facebook? Whay did I ever do to you? Why can't you be easy to use and intuative? If anyone reading this feels pity for me and wants to help me get started on facebook, I'd be eternally grateful! But I've just wasted an hour of my life and I have to get ready for roller derby practice. Peace out!

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