Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Rose City Rollers need your help!

We need 20-30 volunteers for this weekends season opener bout at the Expo Center. Here is a copy of the email that I received about volunteering:

" Dear Rose City Rollers Fans,
Welcome to 2009 – get ready for a rowdy year!

The coming year will be filled with all the hard-hitting roller derby action you've come to expect from Portland's toughest athletes, and will feature some exciting new twists you won't want to miss! All home league games will be played at RCR's Hangar at Oaks Park and four extra-special matches will be played at the Expo Center. RCR fans will revel in the contrasting intimate feel of Hangar matches and big production Expo bouts – you'll be getting all the best of derby in one season!

"Fresh from having hosted the Northwest Knockdown where we showed the country what 'the KISS show of roller derby' looks like, we are very excited to bring our fans roller derby with an entirely different feel where beers are cheap and you sit close enough to smell the girls on the track," exclaims RCR President BarFly.

We are having a few bouts at the Expo Center this season, including our 1st bout on Saturday, January, 24th. The rest of the bouts will take place at our hangar at Oaks Park (near the skating rink). This venue allows the audience to be much closer to the action, and give the league more control over the food and beverages served at the bouts.

We would love to have you join us as a volunteer.

If you would like to volunteer for this bout, please RSVP by responding to this email. Make sure you include your full name in RSVP email. We will send out detailed instructions a few days before the bout. If you RSVP, please show up - we're counting on you.

Arrive at the Expo with the parking pass code (this is emailed to you before the bout) between 2:30 and 3. When you arrive at the hall, come to the security office at the back of the Hall. Sign in, and get a shirt, name tag, and wristband. Read posters/instructions, and sign up for a position.
Orientation is at 3:45 (for new and returning volunteers). If you are not signed in by orientation, we may not be able to use you as a volunteer that night.
We provide free food and drink. No alcohol before or during shift.
You will be able to see the bout for at least half of the night. Your shift will be over by 9:30. You get free entrance to the after party, and free beer there while supplies last.

We will need 50-60 volunteers for each bout at the Expo, but only 12 or so for bouts at the hangar. In order to acknowledge the hard work of our volunteers, those who volunteer regularly for Expo bouts will be invited to work and attend the hangar bouts.

We couldn't do what we do without you. Please let us know whenever you have ideas or suggestions. Feel free to talk to us at bouts, or send us emails through the rosecityrollers.com website, using the volunteer button.
January 24th season opener scramble at the Expo Center! No one will know the night's match-up until 6:15pm that evening, when we will draw names to find out which teams face off first.

We will send you specific details about the upcoming bouts in future emails. Again, thank you for all you do. The volunteer team is an important part of the league!

Jewcy, Volunteer Coordinator

Butch Crassidy and Club-her, Volunteer Co-Coordinators

Tennessee, Steve, and Matt, Security Managers

Kirsten, VIP/Rockstar Bleachers Manager

Slim Sheety and Tyger Bomb, VIP Entrance Managers"

If anyone is interested and sees this post, feel free to send me a message and I will forward your info on to the right people. Volunteering for RCR at a bout is a lot of fun and a great way to see a bout for free and help out RCR. I will be there!

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